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Sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense to replace a leaking roof. A repair is economical and quick. Let us get up there and see if a repair to your leaking roof is a viable option.

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Repair & Save!

A new Vancouver roof costs a lot. Sometimes a lot more then you have. Save money and the hassle by getting a quick repair ceompleted. Then when you’re ready, get a new roof.

Our Work Guaranteed

We guarantee the work we do on your roof. For how long? How about 5 years. We will be there to guarantee the work for 5 years. How about that? Our work speaks for iteself.

Emergency Repair

A roof leak at 3:25am isn’t fun. Unless your weird. Call us 24/7 and we’ll repair your roof until you can get a brand new one put up. So call us, we don’t sleep much anyway.

Leaky Roof? Especially in Vancouver? Let us help.

A repair job on a leaky Vancouver roof can be a life line. There are so many reasons do repair your roof instead of replacing it.
  • Emergency! Just need to stop the leak now and worry about things later
  • Just not a financially good time to replace a whole roof. A quick repair is much less expensive
  • Hold the roof over. Might not be the best time to install a new roof. Maybe in 6 months. A repair will tide you over until then
A repair on your roof might be the smart choice. Nothing is as good as a new roof of course. But in some situations a repair is the right move.

You have nothing to lose but the buckets catching the water. We will put our inspection fee toward your repair.

Repairs we can handle easily:


Skylight Leaks


Blown Off Shingles


Loose Flashing Repair


Ice Dams


Attic Condensation


Loose Shingles


Loose or Broken Gutters

We Guarantee Our Roof Repairs… For 5 years!

Worried the roof leak we repair won’t last. We will guarantee it for 5 years. If we can’t guarantee it we won’t do it. We’re so confident in our repair we back it up.

We’ll inspect your roof and let you know what repairs we can or can’t do. Then we will discuss what the quote will be. Anything we charge for the inspection will go toward your final bill. Win – Win!

** Please note we guarantee our repair only and for the work we do.

It’s 4:22am & Your Head Just Gets Wetter and Wetter

You might…almost guaranteed need an emergency roof leak repair. We have all the tools and know how to get that done quickly and at all hours of the day.

The longer you leave a roof leaking and damaging your house the worse things will get. A quick repair might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Give us a call 24/7 and let us repair the roofing headache asap. Then we can discuss more long term options.

A Vancouver Roofing Company That’s Available 24/7!

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