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It may not seem like it but gutters are a vital part of the roofing system. Fascia, soffits, gutters are all the backup singers of the roof. Without them things just don’t sound…errr… roof right. Most of our clients get gutters done at the same time as the roof.

New Gutter Installation

A new Vancouver roof looks and works 100 times better with new gutters. Luckily we put up some of the best gutters in the Vancouver area.

Just The Gutters Please!

Maybe your roofing company put up a roof a few years back. But your gutters weren’t done. We’ll install brand new, beautiful gutters for you. 

Gutter Repair

Your gutters and downspouts might not be too old but need some TLC. Give us a call and let us come out to fix up and make your gutters as good as new. 

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Why Did Your Neighbor Choose 1000 Squares Roofing For Their Gutters?

Sounds like the start of a bad joke, huh? People choose us again and again because of the amazing balance we created.

The balance of a quality job, done quickly without the crazy cost of the “other guys”. This balance is harder to get right then you might think. But you, as our customer, benefit big. 

Add to that our incredible customer service and communication. We make sure you are informed and happy throughout the process. Now you have a winning formula that has worked for us and our customers.

Put up a gutter and we put up a smile. Your smile. Give us a call today and get a free estimate. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Why Gutters Are So Important To Your Roof

The Roofing System At Work

You got a new roof done by 1000 Squares Roofing. Or maybe you got a roof installed by another Vancouver roofing company many years ago. Your roof is fine, but your gutters have seen better days. You have 2 choices to make. Just leave the gutters alone or replace them as soon as you can. Let’s check out both scenarios.

Gutters Get Replaced – Your Basement Is Happy


Okay. You’re replacing your old gutters with new ones. Smart move. Why? Gutters are critical to your roof. Gutters play the roll of traffic cop. Diverting water into its proper place. Making sure all the water is happy and back in the ground where it belongs.

Once water hits your roof then your shingles take over and whisk the water down. Go gravity! The water goes down the roof and into your gutters.

As long as they’re not gunked up with debris, leaves and stuff. It’s important to clean your gutters yearly. That was your PSA for the day. 🙂

Next your gutters divert the water away from your houses walls, soffit, fascia and basement. Yes, basement. No basement flooding or mold for you! The downspouts take the water down to ground level and push it past your home and into the ground or storm drains.

Your new gutters did the job and moved the water away from your home and basement. You are water free, mold free and your home… your castle is dry. Go gutters!

Gutters Don’t Get Replaced – What’s That Mold Smell?

You decide to wait and see how things go with the gutters. Or you just don’t even notice them. Not noticing your gutters is the most likely scenario. They are all the way up there and lonely. No one pays any attention to them. In Vancouver your gutters are critical to your home.

In this scenario the gutters leak and the downspouts just aren’t preforming. As you might have noticed, Vancouver gets a lot of rain. So all the rain is going back into your home through the basement. The water can even go through your siding and into the walls. It can damage your soffit and fascia.

The roof and shingles are performing well. The quality of the shingles and the install was amazing. Must have been 1000 Squares Roofing that did it (shameless plug, yes, we’re awesome!).

But the gutters just weren’t changed out and have aged a lot since the roof was put up. So the leaks start. If the water can’t get diverted to the street or into your yard then it goes to the lowest point.

Your basement. It can even just flow right back into your home through the walls. Rot. Mold and flooding happen.

We have seen this again and again. Don’t let it happen to you.

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