Gutters Are The Backup Singer Of Your Vancouver Roof

Author: Daniel Kepka

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Gutters are boring. Even more boring then talking about roofs. We get it! We know! But they’re soo important for your home. Its one of THE most important parts of your house. Without gutters your Vancouver roof would be only 50% useful.

Without boring you too much let’s take a fast peak on why gutters are important.

Move Along Water, Nothing To See Here


Gutters are the traffic cops of the roof system. They are important and have a difficult job. When it rains in Vancouver or Langely or Burnaby. Heck it’s mainland BC and it rains a lot. The water hits your roof. Then using good old gravity it slides off and into your gutters.

Your amazing gutters then move that water along the roof edge. Into the downspout and then the downspout pushes it past your house and onto the street or into the ground. Nice, neat and efficient.

It’s a simple system that works well only if the gutters are water tight, installed correctly and blockage free. If your gutters leak because of one of the above things then you will have issues.

Water can get into your siding. Rot your fascia and soffits. It can get into your basement walls if the water doesn’t get pushed out to the storm drains. Vancouver storms a lot so it can be easy to flood your basement or get mold in the walls.

But with gutters that are clean and installed correctly with no maintenance issues. All that roofing water can move along nicely and your house stays bone dry. Maybe you won’t but your basement will.

Tips To Help Your Overworked Gutters


There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your gutters. Talk to your gutters daily. Tell them how great they are…. Just kidding. Don’t do that. Your neighbors probably already think your weird.

Clean them. Yearly. Give them a good clean out in the fall. Preferably in the spring too. Get rid of the leaves and debris that gets int there. Did you know that your gutters can accumulate tiny shingles particles that are very heavy. They can weigh your gutters down by many pounds.

Eventually ripping them right off your roof. Even mid and leaves can get heavy over the years and your poor gutters will fall off. So clean them or hire a professional to get up there and get their hands dirty.

Tip two would be to make sure your gutters are installed properly. If the professional doing the job or you doing a DIY don’t install the gutters well then it leads to issues.

It’s the old saying if the foundation is rotten then the house is rotten. Same here. If the gutters aren’t put up right then it can cause major issues.

The final tip is to not only clean your gutters but maintain them. Look them over when you clean them yearly and if you see issues or leaks then fix them or call a pro to do it.

Final Gutter Thoughts

Gutters are a simple thing. Moving water away from your home. They are an important part of your roofing system that Vancouver roofing companies can install.

Clean your gutters yearly. Twice a year even. Make sure if you get them installed you do it well or get a professional to do it. And maintain your gutters. Check them while you clean them and if there’s and issue you need to fix it.

Gutters can be a pain to deal with. They’re high up and can be difficult to get to. Plus you need to know a but about roofs to make repairs or install.

Do what’s right for you but don’t let that background singer of the roof system get neglected. If you keep gutters happy they will sing for years.

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