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1000 Squares Roofing started because of you!

Well, we had something to do with it too. But we started our Vancouver roofing company because we love what we do. Helping customers and making them happy is what we excel at.
One dark and stormy day in Vancouver (I know right?!) we met at a roofing company. Both of us were working and instantly hit it off when we met.

Troy took his 20+ years of experience and decided he can do more with his own roofing company. Daniel is amazing at running a professional but family feeling business.

Troy knows roofs. Daniel knows business. Troy and Daniel liked each other from the start. It was a match!

We decided we can focus on our customers like no one else and put up quality roofs at great prices. Here we are.


Why 1000 Squares?

Squares are what Vancouver roofers call 100 square feet. Cool lingo huh? We decided we want to put up 1000 squares a week and much more importantly put up 1000 smiles a month from happy customers. We’re getting there.

Almost Too Focused!

Roofs, roofing, putting up squares, shaving the hog (we made that last one up). Whatever you call getting a new roof, it’s what we do. It’s the ONLY thing we do. We are hyper experts. Like a brain surgeon…but on your roof.

What’s A Roofing Experience?

Anyone can put up a roof. Your strange, third cousin Ollie could do it. It’s a lot harder to keep people happy and enjoy the experience. We create roofing experiences. Yes, we’re also amazing roofers!

Our Team

1000 Squares Roofing has a small, family-like team. No bloat for us. We work smarter with technology but also harder. So we need less people then those big guys. Keeping our costs low and crazy friendly service. Here we are.
Troy Selk

Troy Selk


Daniel Kepka

Daniel Kepka


Theresa Simmons

Theresa Simmons




Head of Ruffs

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